He Never Appreciate The Work Of His Wife

He Never Appreciate His Wife

بیوی کے کام کی تعریف کیا کرو Beware Of Angry Woman But Much From Angry Wife…! This Is An Urdu Joke Picture About Life Style Of Husband And Wife At Home. In This Joke A Message Is Delivered To All Husband That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife.The Body Of This Joke Is As… A Man Got Married 20 Years Ago But He Never Appreciate His Wife….Molvi Said During The Address Of Jumma That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife. When He Came Back To Home Then Wife…

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Kill Me…Because Your Wife Is Scared Of Me…! – Urdu Jokes

Why Husband Jealous From Cockroach…? I Think You Have No Idea About It And Hope You Will Learn About Why Husband Jealous From Cockroach After Seeing This Post. This Is The Best Funny Urdu Joke Of Husband And A Cockroach. In This Urdu Joke…Cockroach Last Words Before Its Dying…Come To Kill Me Tyrant Man, You Are Jealous From Me Because Your Wife Is Scared Of Me Not You.

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