Hen Got Married With A Duck – Urdu Joke

Hen Married With A Duck

مرغی نے بطخ سے شادی کر لی This Is Very Funny Picture Of Urdu Joke About Hen, Duck And Roaster. A Hen Got Married With A Duck Then Roaster Asked…Were We Died That You Married With A Duck…? Then Hen Replied…No, I Want To Marry With You But My Mom And Dad Want That Boy Should Be In Navy…!!!

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He Never Appreciate The Work Of His Wife

He Never Appreciate His Wife

بیوی کے کام کی تعریف کیا کرو Beware Of Angry Woman But Much From Angry Wife…! This Is An Urdu Joke Picture About Life Style Of Husband And Wife At Home. In This Joke A Message Is Delivered To All Husband That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife.The Body Of This Joke Is As… A Man Got Married 20 Years Ago But He Never Appreciate His Wife….Molvi Said During The Address Of Jumma That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife. When He Came Back To Home Then Wife…

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Once Upon A Time…! – Grandpa Jokes

I Had Only 10 Rupees In My Pocket

This Is Very Very Very Humor Picture Of Urdu Joke. In This Funny Joke…Grandfather Says His Grandson That Once Upon A Time When I Had Only 10 Rupees In My Pocket And I Bought Cooking Oil, Milk, And Lentils From Store. Then Grandson Replied…Now A Days These Wickedness Does Not Work, Now CCTV Cameras Are Fitted There. Must Enjoy From This Beautiful Innocent Joke And Share To Your Friends And Family.

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What Is The State Of Your Mental Illness…! – Urdu Jokes

This Is Very Very Humor Urdu Joke Of Doctor And Patient. In This Joke…A Patient Come To The Clinic And Doctor Ask Him About His Mental Illness. Then Patient Replied As “It’s Ok Because My Mental Illness Is Now In Her Family.”

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Rabbit Take Old Revenge From A Turtle – Funny Target

I Think Every Person Knows The Story Of Rabbit And Turtle. In Which Rabbit Challenge A Turtle For A Race And Turtle Defeated Rabbit In That Race. This Is Very Funny Picture Of Rabbit And Turtle Jokes. In This Urdu Joke A Rabbit Entered A Zoo With A Bomb And Shouted, All You Have Only 1 Minute To Exit From The Zoo. Turtle Said: Say It Clear That I Am The Only Target.

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