Taking Pakoras Without Permission Is Prohibited…!

پکوڑا بغیر اجازت اٹھانا منع ہے This Is Very Funny Picture Of A Pakoras Shop. In This Funny Picture Shopkeeper Put A Message Board On His Shop For His Customers With Funny Urdu Notification “Picking Of Pakoras Without Permission Is Prohibited”. He Did This Because People Take Pakoras For Taste Without Buying.

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New Offer! Taste It Before You Buy It – Funny Fruits

Taste It Before You Buy It

In This Funny Picture An Amazing Offer Has Been Offered to Customers From Shopkeeper. Shopkeeper Offers His Customers That You Can Taste Apples Before You Buy It. This Is A Stupid Offer Because Everybody Just Taste the Apples And No One Buy It.

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