I Want To End The Fight…! – Wife Urdu Jokes

This Is Very Humor Urdu Joke Of A Fighter Wife And An Innocent Husband In Which Wife Is Shouting Loudly On Her Husband But He Is Ignoring Everything. Finally She Speaks After 15 Minutes Of Roaring On Her Husband “I Want To End The Fight But The House Is Going To Hell Because Of Your Muted Aggression”.

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Once Upon A Time…! – Grandpa Jokes

I Had Only 10 Rupees In My Pocket

This Is Very Very Very Humor Picture Of Urdu Joke. In This Funny Joke…Grandfather Says His Grandson That Once Upon A Time When I Had Only 10 Rupees In My Pocket And I Bought Cooking Oil, Milk, And Lentils From Store. Then Grandson Replied…Now A Days These Wickedness Does Not Work, Now CCTV Cameras Are Fitted There. Must Enjoy From This Beautiful Innocent Joke And Share To Your Friends And Family.

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What A Latest Technology Of Baby Born At Home – Funny Sardar

This Is Very Funny Picture Of Sardar Joke. In This Joke A Nurse Has A Good News For Sardar. Nurse: Congratulations Sardar G…A Baby Boy Is Born In Your Home. Sardar: Wah G Wah…What A Latest Technology. My Wife Is Admit In Hospital And Baby Boy Is Born At My Home…!

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