Kaka Shararti Free Advise To Facebook Users…!

Kaka Shararti Advise To Take A Bath Instead Of Using Facebook

This Is Very Humor Picture Of Kaka Shararti With Funny Urdu Quotes. In This Picture You Can See That Kaka Shararti Give A Free Advise To Facebook Users That If You Feel Too Much Heat Then Please Don’t Update Your Facebook Status But Take A Bath With A Little Courage. !…اگر آپ کو بہت زیادہ گرمی لگ رہی ہے تو You Can Also Find And Like More Funny And Naughty Quotes Photos From The Links Given Below… If Your Father In Law Is A Poor Man…! – Funny Quote Top…

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For Those Who Demands For Half Cup Of Tea…!

Half Cup Of Tea On Special Demands Funny Cup Of Tea

This Is The Most Funny Picture Of A Half Cup Of Tea With A Biscuit. This Half Cup Full Of Tea Is Specially Designed For Those People Who Demands For Half Cup Of Tea. Be The First To Got This Special Cup For Special Guests Who Have Special Demands Of Tea.

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Taking Pakoras Without Permission Is Prohibited…!

پکوڑا بغیر اجازت اٹھانا منع ہے This Is Very Funny Picture Of A Pakoras Shop. In This Funny Picture Shopkeeper Put A Message Board On His Shop For His Customers With Funny Urdu Notification “Picking Of Pakoras Without Permission Is Prohibited”. He Did This Because People Take Pakoras For Taste Without Buying.

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Facebook Lover Put His Face on Book – Facebook Cartoons

This Is Very Funny Picture Of Facebook Funny Cartoons With Urdu Quotes. In This Funny Picture A Facebook Junkies Sleeps On Book. When His Parents See Him They Say Each Other “A Little While Ago He Was Busy With Facebook, But Now Face On Book “.

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I Saved The Fish From Drowning – Innocent Baby

This Is Very Funny Picture Of An Innocent Baby Girl. In This Funny Picture A Baby Girl Caught A Fish From Water And Says…”Poor Fish Was Drowning…I Save It…!” No One Can Evaluate How She Loves With Her Fish. But, She Don’t Know That She Will Loss Her Fish By Doing This Childish Act. This Is Called Funny And Innocent Childhood Time.

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