As You Sow, So Shall You Reap…!

A Best Example Of Tit For Tat

جیسا کرو گے ویسا بھرو گے This Is An Amazing Picture Of A Young Man And An Old Man. Also This Gifs Picture Is The Best Example Of Two Stories “Tit For Tat” (Jaisay Ko Taisa) And “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap!” (Jaisa Karo Gay Waisa Bharo Gay). In This Picture You Can See That A Young Man Help An Old Man To Cross The Road And He Steal Some Money From Old Man Pocket But The Old Man Was The Master Of That Young Man And He…

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Dad Was Stealing My Milk…! – Angry Baby

This Is Very Very Funny Picture Of A Baby Quote. In This Funny Picture A Cute Baby Complained Of His Dad As…”I Saw Dad With Mom Last Night… I Thing He Was Stealing My Milk”. Angry Baby Demanded That The Milk Is Only For Him Not For Dad For Two Years. After Two Years Dad Will Use This Milk Machine Without Any Hesitation.

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Chimpanzee Is Stealing Bottle Crate…! – Funny Animals

Naughtiness Is Very Famous In Monkeys, Gorillas And Chimpanzees. This Is Amazing And Funny Picture Of A Naughty Chimpanzee. In This Funny Picture A Chimpanzee Stole A Bottle Crate From A Shop. This Chimpanzee Is Playing With This Bottle Crate In A Sports Ground.

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Pakistani Police Thieving Mangoes During Duty – Funny Police

Punjab Police Thieving Mangoes During Duty

This is Very Shameful Act Of Pakistani Punjab Police Thieving Mangoes During Their Duty. Shame On Pakistani Police That They Use Their Handling In Negative Activities As You Can See In This Picture. Also All Negative Activities Are Running Under Police Monitoring. That’s Why Crimes Are Increasing Day By Day.

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