Does Your Family Know That You’re Crazy…? – Funny Challenge

This Is Very Funny Picture Of An Urdu Question. In This Funny Picture A Funny Question Is Challenged To Every Viewer Of This Picture. The Question Is That…Does Your Family Knows That You’re Crazy…? This Is Very Difficult And Stupid Question Because In Both Case Yes Or No…It Indicates That You Are Crazy.

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Type Here…Don’t Type…! – Funny Captcha

This Is Very Funny Picture Of A Captcha. A Work Was Assigned To A Boy To Type The Words As Shown In the Picture. But When He Start to Type He Get 1st Word “Don’t Type”. He Got Confused And Hold His Head That His Boss Order Him to Type the Words Appears Here….But It Says Don’t Type Then What Should I Typed Here.

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Funny Debate Between Engineer Couple – Funny Mathematics

Funny Fight Between Engineer Couple

This Is Very Humor Picture Of An Engineer Couple. In This Funny Picture Engineer Couple Fighting Each Other About A Question. The Answer Of Both Is The Right But The Procedure Is Different. Sometimes Answers Are Right. It’s Just Different Solution.

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How Many Difference Can You Find…? – Funny Puzzle

Find The Difference In Pakistani 1000 Rupee Note

This Is Funny As Well As Interesting Picture. You Can Say It A Mind Game Because You Have A Puzzle Game To Complete Your Task By Point Out The Difference In Pakistani 1000 Rupee Currency Note. If You Find How Many Difference In This Currency Then Be The First To Share Your Answer With Us And Others By Commenting Here.

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How Friends Help Each Other In Classroom – Funny Friends

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed - Funny Class

In This Funny Cartoon Picture Teacher In A Classroom Called A Student To Solve a Question On Black Board But The Student Didn’t Know How to Solve It. Then He Saw Towards His Friends And You Know Friend Is Friend And They Completely Help Him And Told Him The Answer Of That Question By The Fingers Hints. But He Was So So So Dull and Make the Shape Of Fingers.

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