Imran Khan Is The Responsible For Your This Condition…!

We Are The Rulers Of Pakistan Since 30 Years

Dialogue Of A Psychiatric Patient With A Kid At Furnace. This Is The Most Funny Picture Of Funny Quotes About Pakistani Politicians. In This Funny Picture…CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif Encourage A Poor Child As…Dear We Are The Rulers Of Pakistan Since 30 Years But Imran Khan Is The Responsible For Your This Condition. Now Orange Train Will Run Then Everything Will Be Fine.

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He Was The First Time To Lahore…! – Political Jokes

Today Funnies Brought The New, Latest And Best Political Joke In Urdu Of The Year 2016. You Will Never Stop Yourself From Laughing After Reading This Urdu Latifa About Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif Development. CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Is Much Famous By Constructing Flyovers For Metro Track. The Joke Is That “This Was The First Time When He Go To Lahore, He Entered In A Plaza And See The Word PULL On The Door. He Got Emotional And Said…Wow Mr Mian Wow…You Construct Flyover Everywhere In Lahore”.

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Asif Zardari is Selling Watermelons On the Road

What Is The Best Job For Zardari…? This Is Very Humor Picture Of Pakistani Politician Asif Ali Zardari. In This Funny Picture… The Chairman Of Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari Is Selling Watermelons Near The Road As A Hawker. This Picture Is Only Share Just For Fun.

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Imran Khan Bowled Out Nawaz Sharif – Funny Politics

This Is Humor Picture Of Politicians In Which Politics Exampled With A Cricket Match. In This Funny Picture Imran Khan Bowled Nawaz Sharif. Both The Leaders Of PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehreek) And PTI (Pakistan Tehreeke Insaf) Celebrating The Winning Against PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League N)

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Real Respect Of Voters In Pakistan – Funny Politics

Respect Of Voters In Pakistan

This Is Very Funny Political Picture. This Funny Picture Shows The Real Respect Of Voters In Pakistan. You Can See How to Respect Voters Before And After Voting. Politician Welcome to Voters With Lot Of Respect But After Putting Vote They Kicked You Out.

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