Nurse Shocked To See The Patient Hot – Funny Cartoons

Nurse Shocked On Seeing Sexually Situation Of Patient

Source: Funny Poon This Is The Most Funny Cartoons Picture Of A Funny Hospital With Patient, Nurse And Sweeper In Which Sweeper Insert The Broom Inside The Wreath Of Patient And Patient Wreath Looks Like A Big Panis…That Was The Shocking Moment For The Nurse To See The Patient Wreath Up, But She Didn’t Know The Reality Of Wreath Up.

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What A Latest Technology Of Baby Born At Home – Funny Sardar

This Is Very Funny Picture Of Sardar Joke. In This Joke A Nurse Has A Good News For Sardar. Nurse: Congratulations Sardar G…A Baby Boy Is Born In Your Home. Sardar: Wah G Wah…What A Latest Technology. My Wife Is Admit In Hospital And Baby Boy Is Born At My Home…!

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