My Heart… My Stomach… My Mind…! – Funny Feelings

My Feelings When I See You

This Is Very Funny Picture Of English Quote About A Person Feelings On Seeing His Ideal. He Says That When I See You…The Reaction to My Heart Is Like Up And Down…Reaction To My Stomach Is Like Flying Butterflies And The Reaction Of My Mind Is Like Garbage. My Feelings When I See You…! You Can Also Find And Like More Funny Quotes Photos From The Links Given Below… Friends Are Like B(.)(.)bs…! – Ädûlt Quotes The Person Has No Internet Connection…! But…If I Have One Then Why I Bought…

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You Are So Höt Baby…! – Funny Feelings

This Is The Best Funny Urdu Joke Of New Year 2016 In Which A Boy Expressed His Romantic Feelings About His Girlfriend After Touching Her. But The Girlfriend Slap To His Face And Says “I Am Suffering In 104 Degree Fever And You Are Feeling Romantic”. Enjoy And Share This Beautiful And Latest Funny Urdu Joke Of 2016 With Your Friends And Family.

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