How Many Squares Do You See…? – Funny Challenge

This Is Very Interesting Picture Of A Matchsticks Puzzle. In This Funny Picture A Question Is Challenged That “How Many Squares Do You See…?” Be The First To Accept This Challenge And Put Your Answer In The Comments Box. Almost 90% People Fail In This Challenging Test…!

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I Tried To Check If She Really Understood – Funny Math

This Is Very Very Hilarious Picture Of A Math Problem. In This Funny Picture You Can See That Math Teacher Explained to A Student Through Various Examples As Given Above…After That Teacher Tried to Check If She Really Understood That, So He Gave Her A Different Example to Solve…And the Result Was That Which You Can See In This Picture. I Hope This Funny Math Question Is Full Of Fun And It Will Surely Make You Happy.

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How Friends Help Each Other In Classroom – Funny Friends

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed - Funny Class

In This Funny Cartoon Picture Teacher In A Classroom Called A Student To Solve a Question On Black Board But The Student Didn’t Know How to Solve It. Then He Saw Towards His Friends And You Know Friend Is Friend And They Completely Help Him And Told Him The Answer Of That Question By The Fingers Hints. But He Was So So So Dull and Make the Shape Of Fingers.

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