Poor Old Man Is Selling Bananas On Handcart…!

Poor-Old-Man-Selling-Bananas-On-Handcart-Baba-Awesome-Picturesکتنے سکوں سے فٹ پاتھ پہ سو جاتے ہیں یہ لوگ
!…مزدور    کبھی   نیند   کی   گولی   نہیں   کھاتے

This Is Very Awesome Picture Of A Pakistani Poor Old Man Selling Bananas. In This Amazing Picture A Pathan Old Man Is Sleeping As Well As Selling Bananas On Handcart. He Is Doing This Job To Survive Not To Become A Millionaire. I Am Not Getting Happy To Share This Picture…I Just Want To Give A Message To All People Around The World That If You Buy Anything Like Fruits Or Vegetables ETC…Then Plz Prefer To Buy These Things From Such Type Of Poor People. Because Every Old Man Is Not Doing This Job To Become A Millionaire…Rather, They Are Doing Such A Job In This Age Just To Survive On Earth.

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