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Most Funny Run Out In An IPL Match – IPL Cricket by TodayVideoz

This Is The Most Funny Video Of An IPL Match. In This Funny Video You Can Watch That A Cricket Match Was Played Between Mumbai Indian And Sunrises Hyderabad Teams. During This Match A Batsman Of Mumbai Indian Team Missed A Ball And Try To Get A Run But Wicket Keeper Throw The Ball Towards The Stumps. The Batsman Was Out Of Crease And Ball Didn’t Hit The Stumps. After It Bowler Catch The Ball And Again Throw Ball Towards The Stumps But This Time Also Ball Didn’t Hit The Stump And Batsman Remain Safe. Now Batsman Was Overconfident And Seeing The Bowler Who Also Failed To Hit The Stumps. Because Of Over Confident Batsman Didn’t Reach The Crease And Keeper Again Throw The Ball Towards The Stumps And This Time He Succeed In Hitting The Stumps. Finally The Batsman Was Out After Two Unsuccessful Throws. That Was The Most Funny Run Out In The History Of Cricket And In The History Of IPL.

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