How Many Squares Do You See…? – Funny Challenge


This Is Very Interesting Picture Of A Matchsticks Puzzle. In This Funny Picture A Question Is Challenged That “How Many Squares Do You See…?” Be The First To Accept This Challenge And Put Your Answer In The Comments Box. Almost 90% People Fail In This Challenging Test…!

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9 Thoughts to “How Many Squares Do You See…? – Funny Challenge”

  1. Kajol Rai

    I Think Right Answer Is 15.

  2. David Albertson


  3. Flamingpie

    I say 16…. but I don’t see the correct Answer here…does anyone have it??

  4. Dozenelk

    I see 18 squares. But if each square requires a match on all 4 sides it won’t be correct. I wish we had clearer directions, or could at least ask one question about the rules.

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