Cowardly Indian Army Is Afraid From A Pigeon – Funny Bird

Cowardly-Indian-Army-Is-Afraid-From-Pakistani-Pigeon-Funny-Birds-PicturesBarra India Bana Phirta Hai Jo Aik Kaboter Se Darta Hai…!

Few Days Ago An Innocent Pigeon From Pakistan Crossed The Indian Border. As The Pigeon Enter In Indian Border All Indian Army Become Full Of Afraid From This Pigeon. They Thought That This Is A Pakistani Spy And Come In India For Spying. So, Indian Army Caught This Poor Pigeon And Send Him For Medical Test And X-Ray…But They Found Nothing. So, This Is Very Very Funny Picture And Best Example Of The Movement Of Cowardly Indian Army. According To This Stupid Situation We Designed A Pigeon Carrying Bullets And A Radio Transmitter And I Also Remember An Indian Song As… “Kaboter Ja Ja Ja…Kaboter Ja…Pehlay Piyar Ki Pehli Chithi Sajan Ko Dey Aa”. That Was The First Letter Of First Love From Pakistan Army To Indian Army.

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