Hen Got Married With A Duck – Urdu Joke

Hen Married With A Duck

مرغی نے بطخ سے شادی کر لی This Is Very Funny Picture Of Urdu Joke About Hen, Duck And Roaster. A Hen Got Married With A Duck Then Roaster Asked…Were We Died That You Married With A Duck…? Then Hen Replied…No, I Want To Marry With You But My Mom And Dad Want That Boy Should Be In Navy…!!!

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Importance of Education In a Boy Life…!

Importance Of Education In A Boy Life

تعلیم ایک زیور ہے اور زیور مردوں پر حرام ہے میں وی کواں میرا پڑھن نوں دل کیوں نی سی کردا عظیم طالب علم کی عظیم باتیں Golden Saying Of a Great Student…!!! This Is The Most Funny Picture Of A School Test In Which An Essay Was Given to Write A Note On Education. What Is Education…? And Why Education Is Important…? The Student Write Funny Answer Under The Above Question Is As… Education Is An Ornament And Ornament Is Sacred On Men.That’s Why We The Boys Don’t Try…

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He Never Appreciate The Work Of His Wife

He Never Appreciate His Wife

بیوی کے کام کی تعریف کیا کرو Beware Of Angry Woman But Much From Angry Wife…! This Is An Urdu Joke Picture About Life Style Of Husband And Wife At Home. In This Joke A Message Is Delivered To All Husband That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife.The Body Of This Joke Is As… A Man Got Married 20 Years Ago But He Never Appreciate His Wife….Molvi Said During The Address Of Jumma That Always Appreciate The Work Of Your Wife. When He Came Back To Home Then Wife…

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The Boy Becomes Girl On Facebook…! – Facebook Joke

!…ماں باپ دعائیں مانگ مانگ کر لڑکا مانگتے ہیں This Is The Most Funny And Latest Picture Of Facebook Jokes In Urdu. This Joke Is About To Boys Who Becomes Girls On Facebook. The Wording Of Above Joke Are “Mother And Father Praying God And Asking For A Boy…But He Tyranny Becomes Girl On Facebook.” If You Like This Latest Facebook Urdu Joke Then Please Share It To Your Those Friends Who Are Boys But They Are Showing Themselves Girls On Facebook.

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I Want To End The Fight…! – Wife Urdu Jokes

This Is Very Humor Urdu Joke Of A Fighter Wife And An Innocent Husband In Which Wife Is Shouting Loudly On Her Husband But He Is Ignoring Everything. Finally She Speaks After 15 Minutes Of Roaring On Her Husband “I Want To End The Fight But The House Is Going To Hell Because Of Your Muted Aggression”.

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