A Man Is Resting In The Belly Of Lady Statue…! – Funny Amazing

A Man Is Resting In The Belly Of Lady Sculpture

This Is Very Amazing Picture Of A Lying Down Lady Sculpture. In This Funny Picture A Man Is Resting Inside The Belly Of A Lady Sculpture.

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Pathan Woman Is Making Big Bread – Funny Amazing

Pathan Woman Making Big Big Bread

This Is An Amazing Picture Of A Pashtun Woman. In This Funny Picture A Pathan Woman Is Making Big Big Bread By Hand. This Pathan Lady Is Belonging To Pakistani Pashtun Community.

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Toilet Door According To Crazy Construction…!

Bathroom Door Designed According To The Construction

This Is Very Humor Picture Of A Toilet Door. In This Funny Picture The Door Of A Toilet Was Designed According To The Wrong Construction Of Bathroom. All This Happened Because Of Very Short Area Inside The Bathroom.

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Amazing Elephant Tree Bridge In A Garden…!

Beautiful And Amazing Tree Arch In A Garden

This Is Very Amazing Picture Of An Elephant Tree Arch. In This Amazing Picture…The Bridge Of An Elephant Tree Arch Is Looking So Beautiful In A Garden. This Is Very Awesome Art Of Tree And Elephant.

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Female Employees On Fuel Station In Pakistan

This Is Very Funny And Amazing Picture Of Petrol Pump. In This Funny Picture Girls Are Hired On Petrol Pump To Entertain The Customers. A Girl Is Doing Her Job As A Fuel Station Filler And She Is Filling A Motor Bike Tank With Fuel. This Is The Only Petrol Pump With Female Employees In Pakistan. In This Amazing Picture You Can See That A Female Employee Is Performing Her Duty As A Cashier On A Lahore Petrol Pump. These Girls Are Doing These Types Of Jobs Like Marketing, Sales, Bus…

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