Application For Fee Concession – Funny Students

Application-For-Fee-Concession-From-Pappu-To-Headmaster-Funny-Blackmailing-PicsThis Is Very Very Funny Picture Of An Urdu Application Written From A Pakistani Student Pappu To Headmaster. In This Funny Picture Pappu Wrote An Application For Fee Concession To Headmaster Of Government High School. He Wrote…”My Father Gave Me 500 Rupees, From This Amount I Saw Movie For 100 Rupees With My Friends And Eat Samosas And Bottle For 150 Rupees, Send 50 Rupees Mobile Easy Load to Your Daughter, I Lost 200 Rupees For Betting On English Ma’am…I Thought That She Has Only Affair With Math Teacher, But She Has Also Affair With You”. Now You Have Only Two Way, Concession My Fee Or Your Secrets Will Be Open.

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