92% People Failed In This Simple Test – Funny Math

92-People-Failed-In-This-Simple-Test-Funny-Math-QuestionChoose The Correct Answer. This Is Funny And Interesting Picture Of A Math Question. In This Math Test A Question Is Given To Solved. There Are Four Options Are Given And One Is The Correct Answer. 92% People Failed In This Simple Math Test. Use Comment Box To Give Your Answer.

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8 Thoughts to “92% People Failed In This Simple Test – Funny Math”

  1. Gracey

    I think it is D:56

  2. Nicholas Matamoros

    It’s d.56, duh. Simple math

  3. Nigar sultana

    The answer is 56, how?? 7+1+7×7-7= 8×7 56 so the answer is D. 56

  4. Harrison Loeffler

    Lol actually, it’s C, 50. You guys clearly don’t remeber the order of operations. Multiplication and division come first, from left to right, and then addition and subtraction.

  5. Yeasmin Akhtara


  6. Yeasmin Akhtara


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